My favourite addition to the mall below my work: Saje

Let me say that I will feel it keenly then I no longer work in an office tower that is above a good mall.

Saje joined the roster of shops within the last year and it’s a great addition in my opinion. It’s one thing to read the fantastic marketing copy about every blend and the benefits of the single essential oils and be convinced of which one(s) I want to buy, another to be in the nature-inspired store and letting your olfactory senses make the final decision.

I find myself justifying purchases at Saje because it is consumable (doesn’t – significantly – contribute to clutter), not so transient as a food court meal, not more clothing, and for me/my family’s wellness!

A month or so ago, Cadillac Fairview hosted a wellness seminar and participants received a 10-ml roller of Peppermint Halo and a card with “20% off” handwritten on it. I wanted to use that before it might not be honoured and shopped:

  • An outdoorsy diffuser blend – whether it was Rain Forest, Mountain High, or After the Rain, I can’t remember! It smells great when first diffused but the later notes, NPY and I agreed, smell like a Chinese herbal shop LOL.
  • “Magic” for the kid in the form of Aroma Fairy – let’s just say that even after I apply it, he’s bouncing off the walls for an hour. Still, I like how he’s accustomed to this practice, because it might be one that sticks in my household.
  • Pure eucalyptus essential oil to mix a potion skin-soothing/healing lotion for the kid when added to Glaxal Base and peppermint and lavender.

I was back recently because it was Buy 3 Rollers, Get 20% off and they had introduced My Farmacy pouches.

Traditionally, the Farmacy kit that was available was the Pocket Farmacy with an introductory/pre-set 6-ml rollers of

  • Peppermint Halo – this blend appears everywhere, it’s like how David’s Tea pushes Forever Nuts wherever possible and it’s the common freebie that is in the Saje yoga kit for some reason, and freebie from the Cadillac Fairview session
  • Immune – pretty useful (not commenting on effectiveness) when it’s flu season and you want someone to provide relief or the idea you’re doing something to help yourself
  • Eater’s Digest – this is handy except I probably wouldn’t have it on hand when I need it!
  • Stress Release – I don’t need this, never getting too stressed (in which case I stress eat instead, ooops….)
  • Pain Release – as NPY and I get older, we find ourselves seeking this kind of remedy!


However, recently Saje introduced their My Farmacy pouches with three slots to hold up three 6- or 10-ml rollers. The name of the game these days is to allow the customer to personalize their selection (we’ll pay the premium for it) in order to express ourselves.

I feigned hemming and hawing over the choice of the craft paper with calligraphy choice or the highly reflective vegan leather choice of case. I couldn’t say I was enamoured with either in the store but a few factors pushed me to select the metallic case: the sales associate claiming the leather one would be easier to clean; that it’s vegan leather and not (flimsy HAH) paper, handwriting/calligraphy is too trendy and kind of overly feminine for me; and that the leather one is designed by founder & CEO Kate Ross Leblanc.

What do I want to express with My Farmacy? As it turns out, more than three things but I can surely cycle through them.

  • (New purchase) Super Detox – because one can wish
  • (New purchase) Head Cold – swapping this in during flu season
  • Crave Away – because one can wish
  • Immune – swapping this in during flu season
  • Pain Release – swapping this in if I have an injury to ease
  • Aroma Fairy – swapping this in if the kid is behaving badly HAHA


I already use Saje soap bars – bought four to get a discounted price, in order to have one to give away in a Secret Santa gift. And with the storefront, I could sample some badly needed hand cream like Carrot and Restoral.

Suffice it to say, I will be back soon!


I have an idea for a much bigger post about natural products and my movement towards those choices but it’s easier and more timely to blog about this purchase now and at some later time gather my thoughts for that one!


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