Crafting lately: Rainbow wooden rocking chair

I checked back in my finances tracking spreadsheet and realized I purchased this plain pine kids rocking chair from Michael’s back in March 2017. I paid $37 (taxes in) and justified it against the $40 pricetag of the IKEA Sundvik that I could personalize it….

Fast forward over a year >>>>

A few months ago, I brushed some blue paint on the back but didn’t continue. NPY thought I did not like the result and would not continue. Boy, did I show him!

Some part of me wanted to decoupage – a world map, naturally – but (1) I don’t know how to (2) it is probably super messy (3) seems like potential for a bad result that might stick to the user! Acrylic craft paint it was! And no varnish partly because I’m lazy and partly I don’t want to have to find a work space other than my living room. The other idea that burned fast in my head was a simple and cheerful rainbow pattern, like a rainbow Muskoka chair I must have seen at some point.



Notes on the process:

  • I only let the kid paint the chair once, on the legs, quite far from the rainbow slats. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t help with the rainbow but also didn’t fuss about it either.
  • I’m sure glad that NPY made a throwaway comment about making a lighter blue. I was about to be lazy and use the same dark blue for the rainbow’s blue instead of mixing a lighter one.
  • The kid likes to turn the chair over, load toys under the seat and push it around because it resembles a shopping cart to him. No!!! I need to steer him away from playing with it like such and use some other rolling toys he has. Eeep.
  • Now that I finally put effort into the chair – and minding that my modification was not going to strengthen or weaken the chair – I have to curb him from climbing up the rungs of the chair. He’s getting heavier and can’t bear to ruin it so quickly after finally painting it!
  • Yes – his name isn’t centered, that’s what happens because I don’t plan properly and glued on the “A” and “N” first while waiting for the “V” to dry. The “V” is actually fashioned from a “W” I cut which NPY suggested could be bad karma. Hah. Gee, thanks.



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