Quick update after one year of Mobi (bike sharing)

Whether I was going to get the Spring Sale rate or not, I was going to renew my Mobi (bike sharing) membership so it gives me the option. And while I stress out every time over various aspects of the ride home, the best way for me to overcome my fears (the root of the stress) is to face them head on – as they are not particularly physical dangers.

As promised, this is a quick update, my stats after a year of considerably casual usage:

  • 365 Standard membership rate: $129 + tax
  • After fitness allowance, I only paid $33.87
  • Total distance: 242.49km
    (per Google Maps, the driving distance between Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA is 229km, cycling distance is 269km and walking distance is 235km)
  • Total number of trips: 83
  • Quickest ride: 11 minutes 53 seconds
    (ride is between central downtown and Olympic Village – otherwise the average that month was 14 minutes, the same time estimated by Google Maps for my transit option)
  • Transit savings: $167.30
    (each trip, I assessed if it replaced taking the train – usually – but if it was a quick return trip by Mobi, that is only one-time transit savings given Skytrain’s 90-minute transfer policy)

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