Packing for adventures with the kid

I wonder if I have been as last minute at packing as I was for my last trip. Maybe? Yeah? Maybe not? Who cares?

I have been relying more and more heavily on my packing list which I maintain a a Google Sheet and having all my thoughts and items listed there makes me feel like I am prepared even if physically nothing is in a suitcase, or that the suitcases aren’t even upstairs in the apartment!

NPY keeps a constant, generic packing list and wonders why I’m working on my weeks in advance of a trip and appear to be re-inventing the wheel each time. I do carry forward my last trip’s packing list to the next one and update for season and the kid’s changing needs. NPY is only packing for himself and thus can stay constant. And I think he forgets more things, too, when he forgoes the detail.

Basically, I don’t get NPY to bring the suitcases upstairs until there only days left we have precious little space left. Correspondingly, I want the suitcases emptied and back down in the storage locker within a day of returning home.

I’m a candidate for using packing cubes yet I don’t know any. However, over the years I have accumulated so many random pouches – more than needed for everyday use – that I store in the suitcases in storage and they were my de facto packing cubes this time around. On top of my regular, detailed packing list, I felt super organized!

I annotated a B&W version of my set of “packing cubes” this time around, partly to document what I used various pouches for this time for next time, partly because it’s what I like to do and display/show off,  and because I’m nerdy like that.


The kid and I share a suitcase because checked baggage fees – frankly – suck. So far, I’ve used the 40-odd diapers I pack for him as a divider between my stuff and his but – yay – he won’t need those for much longer. Baggage fees were increased this fall and in effect when we next travel – so I’m looking to packing even better next time!

On this day..