Cooking lately: Chocolate stout espresso cake

🍫 + 🍺 + ☕️ > 🎂!

Every couple of years, I want to make a cake for NPY’s birthday – not mine, gosh no – and this year I wanted to make him the specific combination of his favourite treats: chocolate, beer and coffee!

There were other recipes including these ingredients but they involved creating a layer cake and spreading out buttercream and it seemed too fancy for a mid-week birthday! Maybe next year!

This year, I’m more concerned about using good ingredients in cooking. So when it came to shopping for the ingredients I didn’t have in my pantry, I tried to get it from Whole Foods. If they weren’t organic, they were still better. In the event that this cake would make it to a live audience (that is, not just me and NPY).

Existing in my pantry (mediocre) – Cocoa powder, salt, baking soda, butter, white sugar, eggs, vanilla

Fresh purchased/good stuff: Stout, flour (organic), Greek yogurt (organic but actually wasn’t Greek), chocolate chips/wafers (the fancy stuff from Whole Foods), instant coffee (from Trader Joe’s), brown sugar (bulk bin at Whole Foods), heavy cream

I got all of my mixing bowls and measuring spoons and mise en place bowls ready for some crazy preparations.

Mise en place all ready. The rest is easy, right??

BIL’s fiance lent me her mother’s bundt pan and I didn’t know they came so large and I was quite afraid I’d have a towering cake that was inedible. It didn’t fit in my steamer/convection oven so I had to clear out the items stored in my regular oven to make this. Sheesh!

I had to admit that it looked kind of cute when done and overturn like this.

But, I don’t know if I don’t have the knack for or rushed making ganache but it was horribly sticky and a pain to spread. It looked ghastly but tastes alright if very dense.


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