My awesome Sash Bag

(I started drafting this post in March 2017, a couple of months after I got my Sash bag.)

I watched what I’ll call the “OG video” which I saw on Facebook, noodled just a bit on the price (I’m cheap) and took the plunge.

To date, the OG video is the one with the most views, at 18 million.

The choices back in the beginning of 2017 were two-toned cotton and two-toned leather, the leather not available in particularly bright colours yet. I didn’t want to pay the price for leather and thought the style looked better in cotton anyhow. (I have changed my mind since!) Predictably, I got the turquoise-gray colour combination and haven’t actually used the gray side yet.

And over the 18 months since, through newsletters, I’ve really admired how the company has grown!

Building a better bag to build a better world.

From appearances on American news shows to a wildly successful and exciting Kickstarter campaign to becoming a seller on Amazon, I’ve read most of the newsletters I receive from the company. It has grown from having cotton and leather offerings to ikat, a fringe, flag editions, and vegan options. Recently, expanding and larger formats were made available, as well as a junior size – I think it’s a unisex style that I’d get for the kid except he’s only three.

In over a year and a half of having my Sash bag, it is definitely the most used bag I own for the following reasons (but not exclusively) –

  • I don’t have to take it off while driving
  • It can be something I wear biking
  • It carries the essentials when I also have a diaper bag or other things to carry
  • It’s slim and low profile means I hang it from a towel rack in my bathroom so it’s always at the ready

Even if I’m a silent member, I’m so impressed by the community that has grown around the bag and company and I look forward to seeing how it grows!

The photos below are also over 18 months old, taken back in the beginning of 2017.