Quora & Google reading

A while ago, I subscribed to Quora and when it asked for my interests, I believe I only listed one and that was the Royal Family. Oh, has it delivered in spades!

Further, Google provides me a list of current news based on my interests, so far as it has surmised and it’s fairly Royal Family heavy, too.

Now, I know SO MUCH about the royals! :D In particular the royals’ titles because it comes down to a nomenclature thing and people ask that question an awful lot.

Like so many people, Megan Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry and transformation to being a senior Royal intensified my interest. When I step back from what I read, it’s just mind-boggling the change and opportunity she has faced. Gladly, the “young duchesses” – interestingly, they are close to my age – and their prince husbands have improved the popularity of the Royal Family.

The root of my (and so many others’) interest is the glamour of commoners becoming royals. And because of that and closer media access and scrutiny of life, the ins and outs of modern royals is on display. It’s a far cry from what you’d think a royal life is 10 or 20 years ago!

I don’t understand the cynicism about an independent American citizen going to the formerly imperial country the Americans fought a war against nearly 250 years ago to break free from. Maybe I haven’t been in the United States (visiting) for long enough to understand that sentiment that I’m almost sure isn’t even a majority sentiment. Only someone with vision and tremendous amount of courage would join The Firm, trade in one high-profile career for an all-encompassing one and work under the scrutiny towards modernizing the institution and championing her causes.

Finally, is it bad to admire their fashion? They have impeccable style/stylists that anyone could consider a style icon. I’d like to think it isn’t bad as long as I also take to heart the example they set in poise and the impact of the causes they work on.

On this day..