We are rich… in car seats!

Yesterday, someone offered me a car seat her kids had outgrown.

“No!” I scoffed. Not because I mind a hand-me-down but I told her that we have five car seats already and only one kid.

Come to think of it, we have six car seats and this is how it happened …

  1. Graco Snugride Clickconnect 35 Infant seat. When we got this, it was subsidized by my in-laws because my sister-in-law would use it six months after we started using it.
  2. Clek Fllo baby and toddler seat. This is our main car seat – it stays in our car unless the car in in for repairs for a stretch of time. My parents got this for us.
  3. Evenflo Sureride 65 #1 (in Gray) We got this for travel because it’s 1/3 the price of the Clek and 1/2 the weight. It is currently installed in the in-laws’ car.
  4. Evenflo Sureride 65 #2 (in Plum) I think the first replacement we got was after Air Canada misplaced it on our 2016 flight back home from LA. It might be the one that the kid puked in once – the smell doesn’t really hold! It is currently at my parents’ house which made travel significantly easier last Christmas.
  5. Evenflo Sureride 65 #3 (in Plum) Another replacement from Air Canada during numerous flights in 2016 and 2017 – I can’t remember which one now. It is currently in our storage locker, our actual travel car seat!
  6. Cosco Scenera Next. I guess this is the replacement that Westjet is carrying because that’s what they gave me when they misplaced our car seat last year in August. I hated this car seat and it’s at my parents’ waiting for them to have the time to drop off at Adsum House or somewhere that will take it – we used it for just two days.

The kid found it quite hilarious that one kid could have so many car seats!

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