Kondo-ing that shoe rack

Last week, one evening when I was waiting for NPY to bring SLZ home and dinner was already made, I tidily packed up a box of “Baby Lego” and packed some chunky cars that SLZ really doesn’t play with anymore into a box bulging with infant toys.

Last week, I was at a spin class with my favourite/usual instructor. The mantra she thought to inspire us with that day drove us up a wall, to do what sparks joy and hopefully it includes spinning. We collectively groaned although the four of us were in various parts of the dark room.

Who has the time to unload all of their closest and pore through all of that clothing? I wouldn’t get everything back into my closet for weeks! Or all of the paperwork in our cabinet. One small thing at a time. I was at my new SIL’s place and noticed her over the door shoe rack and how the shoes’ tips angled downward into the door/wall instead of towards you like in the stock photo for my free-standing shoe rack. Huh.

It is nicer to see the tips of your shoes but heavier and longer shoes were constantly sliding off the rack, particularly NPY’s haphazardly replaced shoes and shoes on the lowest racks that we’d knick when sliding into the storage room. I was constantly annoyed and swearing under my breath that the organizer just wasn’t really working.

When I say Kondo-ing our shoes, I meant putting them all into a pile, turn the shoe rack around, and put them back in. No pausing to sort through and discarding though. And I didn’t include two pairs of NPY’s shoes I forgot about about and our winter and rainboots. Or the kid’s shoes.

Although staring at the backs of shoes, if they slide, it’s into the wall. I also took care that my high heels are dangling over a shelf of my own shoes so NPY won’t be retrieving his bulky shoes and getting caught on a heel and messing things up on that account.

Baby steps. And we’ll get there.

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