Purchases I’ve made because of a fashion blogger

I’m one of those now who have replaced my tech feeds with fashion, lifestyle and wellness feeds. Oh dear me.

That being said, it helps because I just loathe shopping for clothes and Old Navy-Gap-Banana  Republic (who are we kidding, I don’t shop BR except the Factory version) can only be that stylish and unique. Getting suggestions from a fashion blogger is kind of like how I like going to Chapters/!ndigo and look at their curated/in-house products which are so delightful to my admittedly-present feminine side.

Besides hoping that one day (soon enough) I’ll be in the best shape of my life, she reminds me by example not to be a slob. And if she had a perfect life in a white house and white clothing before, we can all take heart that her glamourous photos these days are but a slice of her true life now she has an infant!

(I also built out our recent California dining list with her suggestions – Brodard’s and Hammond’s Ice Cream – and incidentally also went to Tajima.)

This Talbot black watch camellia brooch (details in blog post)
– But I haven’t worn it yet

This Express dress faux-wrap ruffle dress (blog post)
– At the risk of not being the most formal or even remotely slickly dressed at last year’s work’s holiday party, I wore this dress. We were in the States in the fall and I popped into an Express store (none left in Canada) and it was on sale so it felt like “meant to be” -HAH.

This Leith tank dress (blog post)
– I bought this today because I was Nordstrom’s for something else and “Spring Sale” signs abound. It wasn’t much discounted, like $10 off only (off CAD$65). But it’s versatile for now and later!

These leggings she’s been living in: Zella Live-In leggings (blog post)
– We see these leggings on heavy rotation and I’ve waited for a sale – her notification of one and it’s true also in Canada – and bought a pair in midi length today with “High Support” (cf “Compression”). I recently bought super cheap moto-style Puma leggings at a US Costco (regular $20 but $4 off) because I can’t wear my Lululemon black-out leggings everyday … although they are most stretchy.

This lace maxi dress from Amazon from an overseas seller (blog post)
– This purchase was a HUGE RISK. I used up all my hard-earned Amazon.com gift cards ($5 at a time, since last year June) and had to make a day trip to the States. I’m hoping it will look pretty stunning (and not indecent or unwearable) at the earlier of two spring weddings.

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