This week in meal prep-cooking-planning

As is the case these days, I’m not sleeping too well in no small part due to being eager and anxious about how much stuff I want to make on the Conscientious Cooking (“CC”) front and on the getting-prepped-for-postpartum-days front (“PP”). And for the latter, which requires freezer space, then I have to think about how to move things out of the freezer to be able to add longer-term frozen items (i.e., postpartum soups that will hang out there for up to three months)!

What a logistics challenge!

That’s where I use Google Keep to make Q&D (quick & dirty) lists for shopping and planning and – you know me – I like to share them.

The shopping lists are deleted as I complete that shopping trip and it’s the “recipes this week” that I keep updating as plans evolve this busy week! The following text list is what actually happened. If only NPY had the care to know what I do and plan, he might appreciate it instead of it appearing that things just always get done and so it isn’t the least bit of a challenge at all.

Sunday (12)Monday (13)Tuesday (14)Wednesday (15)Thursday (16)Friday (17)Saturday (18)Sunday (19)
chicken, dates & goji soup (PP)strawberry oat bran oatmealsteamed chicken & fungus + quinoastrawberry oat bran oatmealegg salad sandwichstrawberry oat bran oatmealraspberry-blackberry banana oat bran oatmealFrench toast
tofu ricotta (CC)make-your-own pizzaall-purpose cheese sauce (CC)mac 'n' cheese (CC)steamed egg & pork patty + riceuse-up the freezer smoothie (papaya, cantaloupe, dates, banana, juice, strawberries) (CC)
cornmeal muffin/loaf (from a mix)compost soup (CC)marble soy sauce eggsimmune-boosting mushroom/shiitake broth (PP)
black sesame paste (PP)gingerbread loaf (from a mix)
tofu ricotta (CC)

On this day..