Window shopping at Anthropologie

A long time ago (over two years ago, for my birthday in March), my sister gave me a gift card from Anthropologie. It was sweet. She listed a bunch of stores that aren’t my “usual” (i.e., Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic was not listed) and had me select one and she would give me a gift certificate. An even longer time ago, I was quite drawn to the whimsical style of Anthropologie’s fashion but these days, it seems too boho than I could seriously see myself.

I’m totally falling for certain articles these days about “luxe” fashion and believing that I should hold out for better brands and in the process, reduce my consumption. Like I now have a list of designer handbags I’m considering, from an entry-level nylon Longchamp bag to (hah!) a Chanel bag. I’m paying closer attention to the more affordable pieces the “younger” senior royals are wearing as their style will definitely be classic and they are around my age.

In the MSN article “The Countess of Wessex just made a simple outfit look SO glam with one clever trick”, I came to appreciate the glamour of the Tiffany bangle … and its price tag! … and the Monica Vinader brand that both Sophie, The Countess of Wessex, and Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, have sported.

“Although some of Sophie’s pieces are super pricey – not all her gems will break the bank. The royal is often pictured wearing her stud earrings by Monica Vinader.
The ‘Siren Stud’ earrings feature amazonite gemstones and you can pick them up for an affordable ¬£115 online. The Duchess of Cambridge is also a fan of the brand – regularly wearing the ‘Siren Wire’ earrings in green onyx many times during public visits. Part of the brand’s permanent line, they are still a big seller and come in at a reasonable ¬£135.”

I did find Monica Vinader earrings “close to home”, in the Nordstrom in the mall below my workplace and it’s a pretty penny that at least doesn’t cost as much as a Chanel/Gucci/Senreve bag. And then when I visited Anthropologie, I realized that it’s the exactly kind of style/brand Anthropologie would offer. Here’s the side-by-side comparisons between Monica Vinader and Jemma Sands¬†gemstone earrings.

Except – argh – I can’t shop online for Anthropologie in Canada and my giftcard is only for stores in Canada so, I’ve got to make my way to one of the two stores in town. (The Granville location isn’t that far from where I live, at all – and certainly Anthropologie isn’t the most unpleasant retail shop to visit!!)

I can’t decide between more sensible stud earrings like the Countess wore (she also seems to have a rose quarter dangling version too) or the slightly more fun swingy version. It probably would help to see them in person, if they happen to be in store.

Aquamarine is my birthstone and while the Monica Vinader version isn’t nearly as blue as I’m accustomed to seeing aquamarine picture, I kind of want the same colours/styles the royals have!! Of all the colour choices, they would make the best choices?!

The other colour options for the stud earring style are the pale amazonite (which channels more aquamarine to me, but could be too pale for my liking) or the saturated green onyx that is the same shade (approximately) to the ones the Duchess has, albeit in stud style.

And then I turned my attention to bags. It’s nearly summer and I don’t wear a handbag like ever but there is a family wedding coming up I want to doll myself for so…

If I can swing it, and after inspection in the store, I would like one raffia material and one acrylic basket style – the common theme being “structure”! Rather than scrolling through colour options, it really does help for me to make a gallery as below. That is, I might have tended towards the all-black box style (which I have in pleather) but find that the contrast in brown and black and the bow is cute. As for the acrylic basket style bag, I think I have to go for the tortoise shell look above all, then the “Honey” one next to it and then – gasp – the pink “Raspberry” one, ahead of the last three colours. Yes, I know that the order in which the website presents it to you – as listed below – is intentional to sway you too!

Shopping update:

I did not see in store all of the bags I spied online and a circular rattan bag that looked cute online was tiny in real life so I just passed on the rattan bag idea altogether.

In store, I only saw the tortoiseshell and “Honey” version of the acrylic bag. And this other “Moss” colour that I now see online. It’s pretty as I thought the tortoiseshell was too harsh-looking. I hope I don’t regret this colour choice!

I couldn’t find the Jemma Sands earrings (in the stones I wanted) in store or any Canadian store that could ship to my local store. And they can’t order it in from the U.S. because of duties. My gift card is only good in Canadian stores (i.e., not online at the US site) so I’ll try again later in the season – maybe – and if not, I might be getting real Monica Vinader earrings. Maybe buy them myself. Maybe request as a gift. =D

Nordstrom’s in-store selection of Siren Wire Drop earrings is not the biggest and I wanted them for an upcoming wedding less than a week away. The Green Onyx version was available but it’s too saturated for my liking and amazonite looks too much like turquoise for my liking. I didn’t want the light colours like rose quartz so I went for new and vibrant kyanite which I also think is the most expensive of the semi-precious stones. Wow-ee I’m treating myself!

On this day..