Mobi (bike sharing) – Year 2

My second year with Mobi is winding down and conveniently, that timing coincides with a new year of fitness reimbursement from my firm and the beginning of mat leave – sweet.

For reasons nothing to do with Mobi’s products and services, I’m not continuing with a third continuous year but instead cancelling.

I blogged about last year’s membership sale that made renewal a no-brainer but somehow rode fewer total times than I did my first year. Compared to the first year when I broke even with the full membership price in December (cf what I pay after fitness reimbursement), I basically broke even only at the end of this membership year. I feel like I was taking a Mobi bike more often this past year to get to exercise classes in order to save on parking than in the first year where it was more often one-way commutes home. That works, too!

Here are my stats after a second year of very casual usage:

  • 365 Standard membership rate (on sale): $99 + tax
  • After fitness allowance and applying a $5 credit earned at a street festival, I only paid $24.74
  • Total distance: 171 km
    (according to, I have cycled about the distance to Campbell River, BC, somewhere in the province’s interior)
  • Total number of trips: 52
    (average of 1 per week LOL)
  • Transit and parking savings: $100.80

As my total rides in a membership year just isn’t crazy high, I consolidated all my tracking on separate monthly tabs to worksheets with all the rides in a year. It’s practical and allows me to apply shading to differentiate between months in the log.

And when I go back to work? It’s a brave new world then and depends on where I’m living then and perhaps I’ll be riding on a folding e-bike – here’s hoping!

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