Carry her carrier

I like to think I did a super job of putting kiddo into the carrier, that is, that I use it more often and longer than average. Because I’m looking for validation anywhere.

I bought a gray Ergobaby carrier when it was slightly discounted, going with the brand based on reports it provided best support for baby while distributing weight on the wearer best. I decided to forgo the version that allows for front facing because I heard you don’t wear baby forward facing for too long anyhow because it’s so stimulating and because of the increased cost. (To the latter, I laugh now.)

Second time around, I’m happy to to continue to get use out of my Ergo and the infant insert I purchased (also the first time around) to be able to wear baby earlier. But where we “save” by re-using gear we got for kiddo, I’m itching to spend a bit of money, pump my mat leave salary it into the economy, LOL.

A routine sale on carriers at Chapters-Indigo got me looking closely at the three wrap styles they carry: JJ Cole, Baby K’Tan, and Moby – listed in increasing cost. They are markedly different from the Ergo and purport to be as comfortable as wearing a t-shirt.

I ended up ordering a JJ Cole (in Medium) and Baby K’Tan (in Small), perusing the sizing charts and worrying that I selected the wrong size despite taking measurements (and rounding down). I laughed to myself that it would frustrate me if I only really needed to order the bigger name, the more expensive Baby K’Tan. It turned out to be the case but I got to evaluate one against the other.

With the JJ Cole, the Medium size was so snug I thought I would flatten baby and wriggling it around to adjust in one way seemed to make things worse in another and I thought I felt like I was choking myself all the while. Putting baby in the Baby K’Tan was practically intuitive.

Now comes the time where I hope I’ll use both carriers sufficiently! Each one has strong positives and also missing features.

+ One size fits me and NPY (or someone larger than him) – adjustable
+ Feels like it’s providing the best neck support
+ Has a large pocket (wish it had more) and other loops you can attach things
+ Has sun flap
+ Adjustable to your comfort
+ Can remove baby but undoing straps (i.e., not squishing baby)
+ For Baby, seems to work more often even if she’s really upset
Baby K’Tan

+ No need for infant insert (purchase)
+ Does feel like wearing a t-shirt
+ T-shirt fabric and generally a more streamline carrier means sitting (with a newborn) is easier – the carrier is not in your face
+ Front-facing feature
+ Less bulky to pack – it’s the one I’ll grab as the “emergency carrier” when I have a ton of other things to bring
+ Easy to clean – throw it in the laundry like a t-shirt!
+ Not bulky so you can wear a coat over it – or my Sash bag with it
– No pockets
– I can’t imagine squeezing baby into the folds of the Baby K’Tan beyond a year old and certainly not beyond two years old even if it says you can carry a child up to 35 lbs.

All that being said, I love wearing baby so she naps hard and long, and to get out at times without having to bring a stroller. Although I’m not using one carrier exclusively, I will get my money’s worth from both carriers!

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