Hitting the gym at 6 weeks PP

This is not revolutionary for anyone except for me. For years and years I knew I’m missing strength training from my life in general (particularly as I get older) and when I was a runner, I would have benefited with resistence training alongside the intense cardio.

As time drew closer to when I would go on leave, I put together a list of activities I want to be sure to do when I’m off and visiting and using the weight room of my condo again (after all these years), exploring that aspect of fitness was one of the items.

At this six-week post-partum point, the session is accomplished by putting a drowsy and fed baby into her car seat and swinging it until she passes out. Cover it with a Milk Snob cover – yay, I’m using it! – and head on downstairs, taking advantage and enjoying the peace from her snoozing away. This process will necessarily change – but hopefully not by too much! – as she gets older and is awake longer.

All of the equipment is Life Fitness brand with the exception of the elliptical that time forgot, which is Spirit brand. But it has a cooling fan!

I am most interested in the strength training equipment I became more aware of one evening when I brought kiddo to the condo gym for lack of any other indoor space to go to, and to open his mind to new things. Well, my mind was opened, too!

At the risk of getting muscle imbalanced, I am starting out only doing the exercises posted on the machines:

  • Leg Extension – quadriceps, i.e., rectus femoris, vastus intermedius, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis
  • Leg Curl – hamstrings, adductor muscles of inner thigh, calves
  • Shoulder Press – anterior deltoid, pectoralis major, triceps brachii
  • Incline Press – pectoralis major, anterior deltoid
  • Chest Press – pectoral (chest) muscle, posterior deltoid
  • Bicep Curl
  • Low Row – latissimus dorsi, trapezius
  • Tricep Curl
  • Lat Pulldown – latissimus dorsi, teres major and minor

While I pull the pin out from – omgosh – 12 plates for whoever used the machine last, I’m rocking the 1-3 plate range which is 47 – 93 lbs. But as with all things, I’m eager to track my progress and make improvements! Six weeks to see the changes, they say!

Note: I am mindful that baby isn’t in the infant carrier for too long for the sake of my fitness session. We aren’t by any means using the infant seat – i.e., needing to drive anywhere – most days so it’s the current portable and comfortable seat for her.

On this day..