Identifying plantlife (mostly flowers) around False Creek South / Olympic Village

Every walk is a nature walk.

I started listening to the podcast titled Well Now which is put forth by Saje, but not in promotion of their products. I believe it was in the anxiety episode where a researcher conducted a study where participants’ anxiety levels were measured where people made a conscious effort to note and appreciate their surroundings (natural and not) compared to the control group. Those who paused to observe, appreciate and photograph something from the natural world, reported the lowest anxiety, or whatever they were studying… well, I could have told you that! Just not with scientific backing.

Whether I’m walking around the ‘hood or running errands or designing a scenic route for a walk, I’m looking around at plant (mostly flower) life to the point of distraction. Is it something I have seen before? Can I identify it? Can Google Lens identify it?

Here is a collection of what I get to see. I am super grateful to be starting my 18 months of leave in the summer, live in a walkable area of town, and have so much to look at!

Olympic Village

False Creek South

Around Vancouver

Outside Vancouver

Anaheim, CA Abbotsford Tulip Festival Abbotsford Tulip Festival Abbotsford Tulip Festival

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