Halifax trip 2019: expectation vs reality

I’m a few days into my Freedom Halifax trip and marvelling at the way things are shaping up – definitely not according to expectations!


That the flight would be a dream with Baby sleeping in the bassinet four out of 4.5 hours of the flight. I would be reading and writing throughout the flight, getting more inspiration the more I write. Updating lists and making new ones. Afterall, Kiddo was that way.

That I would meet up with a university friend I usually see each Halifax trip, someone from Vancouver who is visiting Halifax at the same time, and maybe my sister’s best friend, whose kid loves kids.

That I will be living on Central Time, waking at 10 am and sleeping around 2 am.

That I would daily go for coffee at Halifax’s version of artisanal cafes and checking out restaurants the way I used to but not since Kiddo was solidly a toddler. I would visit and stroll Halifax Shopping Centre which is the schizzle while the local mall definitely is not.

That I would get through so much reading, blogging (clearing out drafts), and organize my life fo the next couple of months. Lighten the pressure I feel from started but unfinished business.


Baby who detests lying flat on her back and wakes at the drop of a pin would not spend time in the bassinet during the long flight where I was wedged between someone just too tall for his own good and a normal sized woman. I found that I could feed Baby while she straddled me and I did not have to switch seats with my father who had an aisle seat a few rows back. It seemed as if Baby needed to be nursed during take off and landing but it just happened to be the four hour intervals when that occurred. She did nap for a two-hour spell where she was curled on me and I watched Toy Story 4. The jet we were on had the newest in-flight entertainment version with subtitles for the movies.

So far, I’m just meeting my uni friend and it’s not for a coffee date or a meal with nary a child in sight (with the exception of Baby) but after school pick up and at her place with three kids. I’ll admit that visiting at home is less stressful when Baby fusses, and she does.

I’m solidly on Pacific Time which means waking up at 8 am in a panic that Baby will do the same, really waking around 11 am and up until 4 am easily. Part of this blog post was drafted at 5:30 am.

I’ve had Tim Hortons and haunt Second Cup, the latter of which I “grew up on” as I left Halifax before Starbucks was a thing in town. Mum is in limbo land regarding a dental procedure and not much fun to go out to eat with. We’ve been to a food court and then a tavern restaurant for eats.

I did get to Halifax Shopping Centre but it was after a lengthy food court lunch – deciding what to order and then nursing Baby – so I only went to one store. In three evenings, I’ve gone on lengthy outings to Superstore, Bulk Barn, and Dollarama followed by Sobeys to get one of Baby’s naps. All are really nearby so I the drive home where she’s alone and screaming is not overly long.

Maybe those blog posts aren’t meant to be given I’m not just eager to get hem out and statting up all night for them. Reading is getting done in a fairly timely manner (current read is Sarah Haywood’s The Cactus). Instead, have come up with a new set of projects including learning a new piano piece assembling simple sheet music for kid, creating a video tour of the house (for old times sake) and preparing a number of vegan foods for my mum to try.

And one funny turn of events is how upon passing through Quebec (three hour layover in Montreal), I started peppering my interaction with Baby with French. For starters, I’ve ceased to call her “Baby” (think, “bay-beeee”) and call her “mon bébé” instead. That’s still bilingualism, and me avoiding English!

On this day..