In 2020, we organize (Part I)

There was an IKEA table lurking in Kiddo’s closet that has been serving as a shelf for several years. It has served before as a dining table and I’ve been thinking for a while to create a workstation in our living/dining room to corral our laptops, mail, administrative/paperwork/paper-based junk stuff.

On NPY’s last day of holidays (Monday, January 6), we strolled through IKEA with just Baby in tow and debated the merits of the Kallax against the Trofast for toy storage to be located in the living side of our living/dining room. I admire a 4×2 Kallax in “Walnut effect light gray” with alternating white and blue DRÖNA boxes.

I knew we were leaving with the SKÅDIS pegboard system and we did just that, with a few addition items, as you will when shopping at IKEA, handily fitting on a shoe tray that ended up not fitting under the Hemnes bench we have at our doorway.

It meant a mad rush to clearing out stuff in Kiddo’s closet to make space to get the table out – but also to find a new way to arrange it. At one point I was afraid I was making a mess that I wasn’t going to be able to fix within the evening. Also, there was absolutely no way the table was coming out without me removing all four legs (five screw each).

I recently discovered the PÄRKLA storage case which at $2.99 is a lot more capacitous and sturdy than the $2 Daiso fabric bags I’ve been using. I wanted to be friendly to what I was storing using fabric but it also meant I was destroying the fabric bags every now and then and replacing them. Things are now somewhat perilously stacked but not unorganized in the lower half of the closet!

I had put back on the table legs only to find the table wasn’t fitting into the space between the kitchen counter and sideboard without removing two legs. I was quite apprehensive there wasn’t the right spacing between the bar counter foot rail and the table legs that I had to have a gap between counter and table, or consider using the table preciariously with just two legs! It just fit though.

The station looks bare and not so function so ….

To borrow Ikea’s phrasing,

Pegboard combination,
30×22″ (76×56 cm)

Started with a $23.99 pegboard – which is the perfect size – but things added up, specifically:

1 – SKÅDIS pegboard 30×22″ / 23.99
2 – SKÅDIS letter holder / 10.00
1 – SKÅDIS elastic cord / 3.00
1 – SKÅDIS clip / 4.00
2 – SKÅDIS container / 10.00
2 – SKÅDIS shelf / 16.00
1 – SKÅDIS connector / 7.00

On this day..