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It was like a “Christmas gift” where I was notified on December 24 last year that I had reached 100 subscribers to my nothing YouTube channel. 99% of my videos are private, a searchable platform for my to upload videos of the kids (also uploaded to OneDrive) and where I can create playlists by age and run the videos for their pleasure, sometimes. But why not upload some videos not involving the kids for kicks, that are public?

Actually, 9 months ago, I happened to notice that one video bafflingly climbed within a couple of days to 30K views. I haven’t been able to reproduce it but by uploading more public videos, I’ve been seeing a daily climb, exponential, you’d say, of subscribers.

The only social media platform I devote to is currently is Instagram so I don’t really understand the mindset of people who watch a lot of YouTube and subscribe. I don’t understand TikTok. I don’t know which platform is harder to gain subscribers but it seems from an influencer’s remark, that YouTube might be one of the harder ones to reach a certain milestone (10K or 1M).

You could definitely say that I have interest in improving my videos. I’m not getting good equipment or anything, but to bring some ideas to life, like my first stop motion video, or what you call it.

Here’s that “viral” video:

My YouTube channel: hotpassiontea

December 24, 2021 – hit 100 subscribers
January 7, 2022 – hit 500 subscribers

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