Wake up call

I was so excited to add a blog post to my other site (catchstargirl.ca) recently because of discovering Encanto in Cantonese but came across it having a critical error. I hoped it would clear on its own because “I’m too busy for this right now” and it didn’t.

I took some crackpot advice to delete plug-ins – rather, I may have mis-interpreted the advice to delete plug-ins and deleted every folder except two super-critical ones as far as I’m concerned: Tablepress and Sinosplice Tips. I could have done a compare and contrast with this site, which plug-ins differ, might be the culprit. I deleted ALL of the themes and nothing worked.

What I should have done – duh – was click on the link provided when the site had a critical error, accessed the files as I did and renamed the plug-ins folder to “plugins.hold”. Instead, I did haphazard deleting and ended up with a 500 error I don’t know how to clear.

At least I could still access this site, I thought.

Then this site had a critical error! And I clicked on the link on the critical error page and followed the advice and – voila – I’m back in. I copied a theme back into the folder because it should all be the same right? But still have a 500 error on the other site.


I’m so grateful to be back in here, that the advice (renamed plugins folder) and updated my themes and plug-ins. That’s what happens when you don’t blog often enough!!


Update: I installed the theme onto this site and then moved it to the site with the error, since I couldn’t figure out heads or tails from PHPMyAdmin. It’s showing there’s errors aplenty there. So I’m back to critical error – upgraded? – from 500 error. And although with plugins folder renamed, can’t get into the admin like I did here. HUH.

On this day..