Converting to electric toothbrush


Last Christmas, we did Secret Santa just amongst my in-laws of my generation. NPY saw a Red Flag Deals about this electric toothbrush system, regular over $100 and discounted to $50 for the day (or week) on Amazon. He told me about it as he was adding it to his wishlist on Elfster and right away, I ordered it as my gift to him and marked it as Purchased in Elfster. Because I believe it was a good gift and something he would use.

Back up a month or so and Kiddo had started using his electric toothbrush again and compared to the haphazard way he would brush his own teeth, or even that I would brush his teeth totally like 30 seconds because he doth protest. Even with a kiddy electric toothbrush that is shaped like a Crayola crayon, I was brushing for longer, reaching in deeper and feeling confident it was a doing a good job because it was spinning and in total brushing more than I was manually brushing.

Which is when I realized that’s what I needed.

My sister has been using one for years. My dental hygienst also recommended it and I’ve been with him for 17 years (since 2005) and I can no longer really know why I resisted. I think I didn’t want to deal with a charging station and battery operation – analogue is better, was what I thought. My hygienist recently told me that he wasn’t using an electric toothbrush at present – it broke down? – so he was manually brushing for six whole minutes.

As they say, “youth is wasted on the young”. Likewise, “good teeth is wasted on the young”!

Earlier this year, I was handed a troubling prognosis from an endodontist about one of my teeth and it’s not a brushing issue exactly, but the very root of issues with this tooth may be related to some aggressive toothbrushing at the corner spot that 10 years ago came to a head and I had to have some minor dental surgery to address gum recession. That surgery was either botched slightly or just 10 years have passed and things deteriorated.

I am a convert to electric toothbrush as of two days after Christmas and NPY followed a couple of months later for the following reasons:

  1. It will reduce gum abrasion because it does its thing and I’m not at risk of pressing down too hard.
  2. When you use more natural, less frothing toothpaste that doesn’t feel like it’s cleaning your teeth with manual brushing – it was an effective toothpaste with the power of electric toothbrush.
  3. The sheer number of times it turns, it’s triplicate of my manual effort.
  4. Setting a good example of the kids whom I would want to convert earlier than I did.
  5. I can multitask while tooth-brushing and still get it done for long enough.
  6. The two-minute timer with vibration every 30-seconds is golden for getting me to stick to two minutes of brushing and it’s almost like mini self-care – nothing is stopping me from brushing enough!

On this day..