Crafting lately: Conqueror heavy medal honeycomb display

What’s not to admire about the gorgeous Conqueror Virtual Challenge medals and and official wooden honeycomb display sold on their website?

Of course I want the medal display, after so many years and so many in-person marathon (half-marathon) medals that I’ve been challenged to display. Turns out that there are plenty of Etsy options, too: a product of 3D printing.

But I’m cheap practical and DIY-oriented and long knew that I was going to find a homemade option….

How I made it:

After some searches for the medal display, a suggested item popped up which was the hexagon shadow box at Michael’s. I went once and looked amongst their wood craft templates but didn’t find it but during a second visit to Michael’s, I saw it was in their discount bins. I grabbed two for $1.49 each. I got thick craft foam which is about 1/3″ thick and $2.49 for the sheet (makes 2 hexagons) and cut it down the size with a box cutter. The medal strap is folded behind the foam but in the case of the Mount Fuji one, is too bulky and I cut the foam a little too small and the medal threatens to topple out. Still, I think I was successful.

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