Back to BuJo with Hubman & Chubgirl

Several things in my life need to change and for me, change requires tracking to make it a habit. I recall how I purchased an army green Leuchtturm 1917, the recommended notebook for bullet journalling (“BuJo”) to start in January 2021 and abandoned it by June 2021. I was rubbish at noting the day’s events and new To Do’s because I’m so entrenched in a system of One Note and Google Keep for work and work/personal, respectively.

The tracker matter, feels most satisfying when you’re taking pen to paper.

Last year, I discovered Hubman & Chubgirl, a small business based in Toronto where “Chubgirl” was sharing her journal spreads and gained such traction and requests, she started designing planner stickers. The intent is that if someone feels daunted to make a really artistic and cohesive look, she takes the work out of it with theme packs and tutorials. You can completely crib the tutorial and feel satisfied you created something and with the stickers, it’s kind of guaranteed to look great.

It took me over two hours to follow along and set up September from her tutorials and I happen to be on vacation and won’t be able to do it every month. It was a satisfying exercise in being pseudo-creative and sort of meditating on the month ahead as I set up all the weeks to come in September.

Since I am so rubbish at the daily logs per BuJo process, I don’t fill the notebook at the rate (size) of my daily logs. It may make more sense to me to carve out the space like an agenda and then I will use a good portion of the stickers I purchased instead of hording them for years (decades) and not allowing the kids to use them either. They are premium quality and design!

This is the first haul (first of two purchases, the second purchase was much smaller, and confined to the Back To School theme that I could not resist). I caught the BOGO free variety sticker pack with the purchase of a variety sticker pack and gamed it that I ordered four themes I liked the most and hoped that I would get no duplicates for the free ones (there was one duplicate, for seven different themes procured – I’m pleased).

To just admire the quality, variety, and design, I laid out all the variety sticker packets. The first four themes are the ones I purchased, the last three themes were the three themes they gave me in BOGO.

On this day..