Escape from a winter day

When 60 hours of rainfall stop and it’s a non-raining and actually sunny day in Vancouver, it feels like winter is over and it is a strange feeling. I felt a little remiss that we weren’t spending time outside. But things had to be done like return Christmas gifts before the window closed – at an independent top shop that may not process the exchange because we clipped off the tag (but kept it) and Chapters which had a bonkers long line-up.

In the midst of it all, when waiting in the long but bearable line at Chapters-Indigo, I saw their Love and Lore Tote in Geo Teal, what turns out to be a clear duplicate of the Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag. I would not know of this brand if it weren’t for the pattern and following Extra Petite (Jean Wang) lifestyle blog for years and years.

I almost want to get it right away but my birthday is coming up and a sale might come up too on the house brand.

As we left the mall after lunch, Baby fell asleep in the car and so we wanted to drive around. Drive home from the mall because someone brought the Saint Germain discount card home instead of leaving it at home, and then drive to Kerrisdale to another Saint Germain.

Top of my mind is how to maximize trying out the hot chocolates I’ve earmarked from this year’s Hot Chocolate Festival. Yup. Fife near home and Faubourg in Kerrisdale.

Fife’s strawberry ruby chocolate hot chocolate was 8 ounces and Kiddo drank most of it so I felt justified to in the same day try Faubourg. Suffice it to say that we have plenty of pastries to nibble on tomorrow, because there was a Saint Germain haul too!

On this day..