Nothing if not a matyr….

I took a number of days off in the first half of the year coinciding with PD (professional development/inservice) days at school. NPY will do it too, if I tell him I’m not able to, but he also likes to create for himself four-day holidays taking a day off after a long weekend.

To be honest, I love making a day productive and I thrive on the feeling of accomplishment. So this is what I did those days off.

Friday, January 27 – it was actually a “random” day off and so I treated Baby to a day off from daycare to spend with me. I took her on a hot chocolate date at Beaucoup and then brought her for a Costco run that went up to her nap and then I did pick-up of Kiddo and that’s the end of my day off.

Friday, February 17 – it was a Pro-D day for Kiddo. I’m trying to get back to going to a library so the kids can have different books from what we have at home so we went to the library in Mount Pleasant followed by a Costco run. I’m trying to get the benefit from my executive membership at Costco that is spending enough to get a rebate that discounts my membership fee from the regular membership, getting more items that we’d use at the bulk discount while also not buying things we don’t need. I picked up Kiddo’s school friend and we went skating with more friends at North Vancouver’s Shipyards outdoor skating rink.

Friday, March 10 – it was my birthday day off so the kids were sent to daycare and school! I didn’t do all that much but I did treat myself to checking out To Live For a new-ish vegan bakery even NPY had checked out already. I figured out how to make a Salvation Army drop-off which is super convenient now I know I don’t have to go to Value Village in east Vancouver (which burned down). And a birthday isn’t well-spent if without a spin class. Then I was back home to shower and pick-up Kiddo and the rest of the day with kids.

Wednesday, March 15 – while NPY took Monday and Tuesday off, it was my annual “March break” to take a few days off during Kiddo’s March break from school. We enroll him in activities and he has fun enough when friends are also enrolled, but he wants to play with us and I want him to know that his parents are not non-active. The Britannia Community center area seemed to check the boxes for tennis and basketball but the tennis nets were not up (thankfully there was a wall with the height of the net drawn on) and the basketball nets were too tall as we were on a high school’s grounds. I wanted to make my quarterly T&T run and so we had dim sum lunch at New Mandarin nearby.

Thursday, March 16 – righting the “wrongs” of the day before, we went for tennis and basketball at city courts where there were nets up and there was a lower basketball hoop, at Brewers Park. We continued south and queued for lunch at a super well-rated restaurant (Northern Cafe) and then onto Ikea and that was it for the day.

Friday, March 17 – one more day of “tennis and basketball” but I offered to take Kiddo’s cousin out for the day, some sports and activities in the park, trying out R&D (Whitespot) for lunch with its kids menu, and Kiddo’s “annual” Rec Room visit.

Monday, April 24 – this was double Pro-D day so I had Kiddo and Baby all day. I wanted to take them to Capilano Suspension Bridge because we haven’t been in years and Baby wasn’t walking (or barely walking) the last time we went. But the weather was iffy in the morning and the kids voted for the aquarium. First we went to Park Royal, a mall where MY raved about their Dollarama and I made a return at Chapters. We poked around Thinka which doesn’t have that many locations and things are enticing to kids. Then we were at the aquarium for a sweet, long time and that was it for the day.

Tuesday, May 2 – I pleaded to be considered to be a driver once I learned the class had an excess of volunteers. I’m sure glad I did because when else would I get a chance to visit Seymour Salmon Hatchery. It was a full day field trip where the parents were extra sets of eyes on the kids and couldn’t go anywhere else and cell phone service was non-existent.

Friday, May 19 – I had the day off thanks to work giving us a four-day weekend. I observed Sports Day at Kiddo’s school and ad hoc was class volunteer taking two kids to first day within 20 minutes. So then I left to try traditional Japanese breakfast at Takenaka that has bonkers line-ups on the weekend. I had prepared another Salvation Army drop-off and then proceed to spin class I thought I was going to miss. I prepared a school carnival donation and picked Kiddo up a touch early to take him to his dentist appointment. Our car was so dusty after the field trip so it I got gas and cleaned (attemped to clean) the rear window.

On this day..