Side hustles & passive income & entrepreneurship

I tell you, I know how my mother would react if I told her I wanted to start a business. “You don’t have the education for that. How will you succeed?” Or did I just internalize a lot of stuff.

I sure as 1,000% don’t want to own a bricks & mortar business, have employees and all that.

Google knows me well and might be eavesdropping through Google Home and I get these articles recommended to me and I read everyone other one and so I get recommended more. You know how it goes.

The idea of passive income is something I will teach the kids young. For them, it will start with saving their income (and gifts of red pockets) and investing, learning how money grows and using the long-term advantage. Afterall, they could be young entrepreneurs and develop something with a passive income stream (like what?) and are not getting into real estate until they are older. If real estate is even a sure thing by then.

So I’m browsing these types of articles and I know the chances of setting up a side hustle-turned-passive income stream is fairly low. The chances of the passive income stream being in the realm of what’s mentioned below is basically nil. But I read the articles for inspiration and let it

The first article mentions selling digital products on Etsy. Given my propensity to try to recreate things that I see that also seem within my abilities, this seems right up my alley. I identified the first few hurdles to setting up though:

  1. Deciding on my niche that is something I am passionate about, has potential to continue exploring, and is marketable.
  2. Learn Illustrator and Photoshop. PowerPoint just isn’t going to cut it after a while.
  3. Create my theme – a cute set of characters, a font face, logo, the whole package.

The second article scares me a little about the world which I forget about, how much on the Internet, you don’t know the source of it. Be careful, but here’s an opportunity with ChatGBT – which I have not yet explored – and those tools that illustrate on demand to be so productive at a fraction of the cost. The 7th item on the list is creating kids e-books to be sold on Amazon.

To continue my list above,

4. Learn the craft of storytelling for kids. Learn the craft of selling stories.
5. What else?

So here I am. I’m old enough to know which things keep me up in a good way, that I’ll spend time figuring out. I don’t know what my cohesive theme is, my plan for what products that I can churn out for years. There is always a gap to bridge, as listed above, and the start-up cost and effort. At the end of the day, continue to dream and be inspired is the priceless side effect of the process.

On this day..