Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival 2023

Yes, it wrapped over three months ago. But this is my blog and I wanted to share the creations I tried here or on Instagram and this is the only place left since it wrapped over three months ago.

Fife Bakery / #60 – StrawRuby FIELDS / A vibrant and elegant pink chocolate with ripe strawberries. / Served with a strawberry oolong tea muffin (January 14, 2023)

Between errands with the kids in the car, I noticed we’d be swinging by home and we could drive by Fife and kick off hot chocolate festival with something super local.

Faubourg Cafe / #63 – FRENCH CAESAR / Dark hot chocolate. Topped  with a skewer of Madeleine (mini sponge cake flavoured with citrus zest, Palmier (sweet and crisp puff pastry) and Canelé (soft and tender custard centre enclosed in a dark, thick, caramel crust.) (January 14, 2023)

That same day, we were in Kerrisdale and we are not often there. So I had to try out Faubourg’s creation that included all the treats which I tried to share with the kids who obviously ordered macarons and polished those off.

Honolulu Coffee / #76 – THE DONUT / A donut-shaped hot chocolate drink using 70% dark chocolate mixed with a single shot of espresso (can be decaffeinated) and topped with sea salt cheese frosty cream top. / Paired with a donut-shaped, fudge chocolate cake glazed with refreshing raspberry icing. (January 16, 2023)

I did return to Honolulu Coffee (they are so close to me) for their other creation but my phone battery was dead so I have no photo.

#77 – RAINCOUVER / You’ll know you’re in Vancouver when you see this fun, 70% dark hot chocolate (with pink Himalayan salt ) melting a cloud-shaped mass of cotton candy suspended over the cup. It’s raining!

When this is also a super local cafe (hallelujah!) you try both yummy creations.

Giovane Cafe / #69 – MANDORLATA CALDA / Rich cocoa powder and creamy almond butter. With its hint of cinnamon, topped with cinnamon sprinkles and crushed almond bits, this hot chocolate features traditional Italian almond flavour. / Served with a cantucci cookie on the side. (January 17, 2023)

I wouldn’t normally have tried Giovane but it was an elevated creation and my office was temporarily really close to Pac Rim and Giovane Cafe.

Bobarun / #29 – DUNKAZOO! / A classic vanilla bean hot chocolate made with 54.5% couverture dark hot chocolate. This popular ’90s lunch box snack-inspired hot chocolate will hit you with some serious nostalgia. / It is served with an assortment of house made zoo-animal shaped cookies for you to ‘dunk’ into the sprinkled birthday cake-flavoured whip! (January 17, 2023)

While my office was temporarily on Hastings (between Hastings and Pender), Bobarun was on my way home when walking home from work.

Nelson the Seagull / #108 – MOOI MELKTART / (Mooi Melktart) White hot chocolate infused with cinnamon. / Served with a South African melktart treat on the side. (January 22, 2023)

My sister and I were walking around after LNY festivities and I suggested Nelson for some eats and so I could try the melktart they make, which I missed during croissant crawl despite dropping in mid-morning near the end of the festival period.

49th Parallel / #01 – FLORALS AND SPICE / Dark hot chocolate infused with cardamom and organic rose petals. / Served with a mini brioche doughnut filled with spiced chocolate custard and topped with orange blossom glaze, pistachios and rose petals. (January 24, 2023)

And then my office moved to its permanent home and there are new local cafes, like 49th Parallel now.

Beaucoup Bakery / #11 – AFTERNOON TEA SET 1 / Inspired by Hong Kong-style afternooon tea sets. Salted Milo and Horlick Blond Hot Chocolate infused with Madagascarian vanilla. Topped with whipped cream and pineapple bun topping cookie crumbs. We will be using Valrhona’s Dulcey 35% which has a subtle, mellow biscuit flavour with a subtly salty, caramelized milky undertone. / Served with a pineapple bun brioche with salted honey whipped butter. (January 27, 2023)

I took a random day off – I don’t know why – and treated Baby to a day off from daycare. She joined me for this delicious hot chocolate and ate a cookie.

Beta 5 / #24 –  LOVE POTION # 5 / Pearls for your Valentine. This hot chocolate is a pinkalicious blend of strawberries, white chocolate and more boba pearls. / Served with a miniature ‘Matcha, Matcha, Matcha’ cream puff. (February 3, 2023)

To cap off the hot chocolate festival (I think I did go to Honolulu second time after Beta), I met up with a friend with whom we annually check something out together, often Beta 5!

On this day..