Conqueror Virtual Challenges

Have I register for a whole pile of Conqueror Virtual Challenges? Yes, undoubtably. I don’t know how many, I can’t remember which ones and which are still on my wishlist, which ones I want to do before others.

Every now and then, they have a bulk discount and the ones I gather on my wishlist clear off and I register for five at a time and subsequently forget which ones, like earlier this year.

Enter my tracker which lives on a One Note page.

You see, I purchase all the challenges under my name but some are Kiddo’s. He’s not really involved in deciding which challenges I register for but I do keep in mind to get cool, attainable, interactive medals for him. Not that it’s for him to play with once they are affixed to the honeycomb display.

I’ve completed five now (orange in Completed column) and he’s completed four (blue). He’s on the Amalfi challenge and I’m on the Hana one. I was “collecting” – downloading and then pasting into a blog entry in draft – the postcards but what’s the point? I still might, but it’s a low priority draft!

On this day..