Mom ‘fit

I have posted in the relatively recent past some cuter photos of myself but – to be fair – I wasn’t saddled down with knapsack, cross-body and the prospect of a long day ahead like today.

For kicks, I took this photo because it captures a number of things I’m stoked to be rocking but perhaps they don’t all go together. Like at all.

  • Business casual appropriate cardigan – I got this so many years ago at Winners so it’s some brand that is barely a brand and it has the trifecta of details that makes it such a “mom” item: the cut-out embroidery trim, the slight sheer knit, the translucent chiffon panel in the back, and practical rolled up sleeves.
  • Garden clogs that I found at Dollarama for $4 (similar on Amazon) – I wear these as much as I can and when they disintegrate I will replace them with brand name … what exactly? They definitely resemble Crocs and I favour the covered toe look. I’ve had Birkenstocks: Arizona followed by Milano but neither is covered toe and the EVA version is basically only the Arizona style. As MY and I were discussing over the weekend, there are so many other brands too … we just aren’t hip to them.
  • I’m trying on my older bags to see if there are some that no longer bring me joy and it’s my fairly OG Sash Bag’s turn. They don’t even make my canvas fabric model anymore. It still a comfortable and slim profile added to your silhouette and movement even if you are carrying a lot of things in there. There is still some use and it’s fun to wear something different from what you see around.
  • No fuss red lip from Burt’s Bees – I’m still so hopeless and when I scanned the Chatelaine article, the only products I was convinced to try out was a glorified tinted lip balm from the Burt’s Bees Gloss & Glow line (Eat, Drink and Be Cherry colour). These days I fully understand how washed out and droopy looks come with age. I don’t feel it but the mirror doesn’t lie and I can’t get away with a naked brow any longer!
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Update (June 9, 2023) – I feel much more confident, way less frumpy (but mom outfit nonetheless), in a t-shirt dress showing some leg and with balance somehow between fabric and clothing items.

On this day..