Spring-Summer 2023 wardrobe refresh

Dress for the body you have. Wear clothes that fit and they will look fabulous. It’s the confidence you have that makes the clothes look fabulous. So much stuff to fill your ears and mind and to drive consumerism.

That being said, because I’m seriously in some danger of losing track of what I buy, these are the fun items, the keepers to refresh the wardrobe this year.

This is so comfortable and effortlessly casually elegant, I would want a second one the the other colours are like white and red!
I have a pair of Sam Edelman Chelsea boots because they are the easy entry slim footed Chelsea boot that doesn’t ruin your outfit. But I bought a size too small. Even these, I fooled myself thinking size 6 was okay but I was wrong. And why does the sole in both Chelsea boots I have slide so immediately? Because I bought a size too small? Because of the way I walk in them? These should be comfortable, if the right size.
Yes, I got it in this “boysenberry juice” colour. Can’t wear it too often because it just clings to everything and I don’t have a good colour coordinating cardigan because most of my stuff is on the cooler end of the colour spectrum.
The wider the stripes the better and cuter, is what I’ve learned after several dresses of this pattern. Narrow stripes have their place too.
I wanted the black one with white trim but it wasn’t available in my size. So I bought this and it matches with Baby.
If I am recalling correctly, I got this around Christmas, not in the plumeria colour pictured, but black. It’s effortlessly casually elegant with the slim bodice, black colour and neckline. And gives me the wide-leg pants that is the fashion again now.
I sized up to get a roomier look and this pairs well to dress up black leggings or one of my favourites which is black leggings with vibrant colour-blocking up the sides.

This seems like a not bad idea (she says to herself) to keep in mind what I am excited to own, maybe save me from pushing it to the back of the closet.

So let’s just go one season back to the wardrobe refresh of fall-winter 2022.

I outgrew liking a mint green sweater that’s slouchy and just throw it over leggings and risked getting a light coloured sweater. I like it! Feels neutral and seasonal but not relegated to just Christmas and winter.
This is so fun – a romper pajamas as I’ve gone on the romper trend with three pants ones now. The balance of this is so weird, shorts on the bottom and long sleeves? So I didn’t reach for it often. It matched the kids for 2022 Christmas but next year they move onto a different theme (as dictated by me, the shopper) while I’ll still have this.
Yesssss, black watch plaid tissue turtleneck. Checks all the boxes to complete my black watch plaid collection and its weight is perfect while not being too thin a material.
I got this a smidge small in the torso but the super fun sleeves detract. This is a similar item from the same place whereas my sleeves are more muted in colour and a little see-through.
I love the twist-hem look and am so chagrined how I have lost for a long time a shorter length navy blue one. Here I am being bold and getting a light colour again! I can just wear a sports bra under and it doesn’t get too warm inside.
Super basic because I wanted to try out the jogger look that NPY has been rocking for a few years (or more?!) now. I was reaching for this when I was too lazy to pull something fitted like leggings. But it has to balance with the correct top.
And so since joggers are not a no-go for me, I have black watch pants. Leggings or slim pants never struck me as the style I wanted and then I saw these joggers. They are still quite slim, but the cuffing gives it a more casual look because basically I think the other styles look prissy and doesn’t match me.
Also a basic item with some light ribbing pattern on an A-line skirt. When I want to look more casual than a full dress, when I want to separate tops and bottoms, this one is there for it.

On this day..